Photoshop Fail: Narciso Rodriguez For Kohl's Models Have Otherworldly-Whittled Waists (PHOTOS)

What all the aliens will be wearing for fall 2012.

As style editors, we're used to seeing artificially sculpted waists in our daily fashion browsing. Whether it's a Victoria's Secret goof that takes out a model's ribs or a magazine streamlining Kate Middleton's middle, abs seem to be a bullseye for the retouching darts.

But these new Kohl's ads take waist-whittling to a whole new, er, planet. Our friends at Photoshop Disasters spotted these circular advertisements for the department store's Narciso Rodriguez collaboration line that show off a number of the line's color block knit dresses.

So what's the problem? Well, the shape these frocks seem designed to flatter definitely doesn't look human. In one, a model in a pink dress leans awkwardly to the side, her waist and thigh forming a precarious right angle. In another, a woman in a white dress has some sort of inverted triangle alien body -- or is that a Ken doll-like physique?

Check out the offending images below:

photoshop fail

narciso rodriguez for kohls

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