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Photoshop Fail: This Model's Curves Are 'Next' Level (PHOTOS)

Finding an on-trend, figure-flattering dress is no mean feat. That's why so many of us prefer to avoid the challenge and stick to a classic LBD -- black dresses, we well know, genuinely complement every shape.

Except for this one. Our keen-eyed friends over at Photoshop Disasters spotted this model's unbelievable curves (and we mean that literally) over on Next Clothing's web site, modeling the brand's Black Panelled Bodycon Dress.

"I always thought the purpose of a little black dress was to make a slim and sleek figure, not to feign a dislocated hip," Photoshop Disasters muses. The model depicted is showing off some fierce booty-poppin skills... but it appears that something went awry in the editing process. See the original on Next's website. Can you figure out what's going on in the photos below?


photoshop fail

photoshop fail

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