Funny Photoshop: Woman Has Her Son's Ex-Wife Photoshopped Out Of Family Photo

What do you do with a much-loved family photo marred by the presence of your relative's ex spouse? Photoshop him or her out, of course.

On Tuesday, Reddit user and graphic designer CreativeLady posted a recent project requested by a woman who wanted to erase any trace of her son's ex-wife from a family photo. (The shot couldn't be recreated because one person in it had died.)

The graphic designer's solution? Subbing in some crossed arms and giving the family member a beer to hold instead of grasping the ex-daughter-in-law's arm. Check out the completed work below:

Not bad, eh?

This Redditor's photo fix may be flawless, but many have failed at using Photoshop before. Click through the slideshow below to see some of the biggest Photoshop fails we've ever encountered on the web.

Funniest Photoshop Fails

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