Phylicia Rashad On Her Relationship With 'The Cosby Show' Kids Today (VIDEO)

As one of the most recognizable TV moms during the '80s and '90s, Phylicia Rashad developed a very tight-knit bond with the actors who played her children on 'The Cosby Show.' The actress discussed her relationship with her former co-stars on HuffPost Live.

Rashad said that the location of the show, in New York City, helped the young actors avoid trouble. "Because we were in New York City, they didn't get caught in a lot of the stuff they would have gotten caught in had we been out in L.A. That just didn't happen. The aesthetic is different here. The pace of life is different here. The focus of life is different here."

Decades later, she was very proud to see her co-stars' successes. "These people are grown people," she said, correcting host Marc Lamont Hill's reference to the Cosby 'children.' "Some of them are parents. They're married -- they're beautiful adults. They're grand people. They are amazing human beings."

"I'm not surprised at their successes, I'm not surprised at their brilliance. I'm not surprised by any of it because it was very clear then--aha, these are some people!"

Rashad also commented on her relationship with Lisa Bonet, who left the show a few times due to creative differences. "I haven't seen Lisa in a very long time. She was my doll, she was my little kitten. I loved her dearly and I still do."

She added, "I think she has two sons now as well. I've never met them. And I understand that she's very happy, and that makes me very happy."