I say "bike and life" because the addition of the bike has become a major part of my life. We work together daily and he even has a name -- "JOSE." We are a team JOSE, ME, and MY BODY and this amazing exercise is all about minutes, determination, strength, not giving up and love of self.

At age 93, there are days when I can manage eight minutes at level four and speed at 13. Those are really bad days and then the next day it's 20 minutes. Go figure. The three of us have the usual conversation "what's it gonna be today." I look at Jose and it's always the same response "GO FOR IT."

Today was a great day! When I got to eight minutes, we were riding high -- no pain, just incredible strength, legs, heart, breath and euphoria. What a way to go. At 10 minutes, we were at two miles. We just kept on peddling away. There was no stopping and when we reached 20 minutes, four miles -- my heart was pumping away fast, but I thanked Jose for the great ride.

If you want to give yourself a super charge just 10 minutes out of your busy day -- then connect with Jose and you will experience boundless energy and strength. You, too, can be a great team and what's more -- you will look better, feel better and life will be better. It's really so simple. Don't think about it, just DO IT!

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