Dog Plays Piano And Sings, So Don't Kibble Over His Talents

Self-taught Buddy Mercury "is a little virtuoso," his human mom says.

Sing us a song, you’re the piano pup!

Buddy Mercury on Tuesday marked his three-year “gotcha” anniversary of being rescued by the Wolfe family ― and he celebrated in a way that not many pooches can.

He played the piano and sang ― or pawed the keys and howled, if you really want to be technical.

Buddy’s self-taught act has caught the internet’s attention ― because, well, it’s really cute. The sight of 2-year-old human sister Eve bopping along puts the charm factor over the top.

Buddy lives in Ronkonkoma, Long Island, but he’s everywhere now. He’s got his Instagram and his merchandise, WABC noted. He also released an album, of which 50 percent of the sales go to animal shelters.

“We want to help more animals get rescued,” his human mother, Laurie Wolfe, told WABC. “We only have so much space in our home. We can’t keep bringing them here.”

Buddy Mercury is actually named after the family’s favorite performer, the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. But given this pooch’s Long Island ties, we like to think he has some Billy Joel in him as well.

We’re all in the mood for a melody, Buddy, and you’ve got us feeling all right.

“We’re just trying to make it fun,” Laurie Wolfe told Newsday. “When we have family and friends over for dinner, sometimes he just jumps up there. He’s a little virtuoso.”

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