Jeff Bryant's Piano-Playing Scarf Doesn't Seem Real (VIDEO)

How To Play The PIano Without Ever Touching A Key

For some people its Marty's hover board, for us it's a snap that cleans up rooms -- but everyone's got some movie wizardry promise they want met.

Composer Jeff Bryant's push_push project, developed for a graduate course at the California Institute of the Arts, realizes a wish we didn't even know we had. By knitting a scarf through with conductive wire, Bryant was able to establish a link with a Disklavier automatic piano, creating in effect a piano-playing scarf. It's all done wirelessly, so twisting the scarf five feet from the keys still triggers a series of plunks. You can imagine a scenario in which someone is expert enough to consciously play a piece without ever touching a key. Or, you know, magically play!

Take a look at Bryant's demonstration below, and head to Wired for more on the science of the project.


[via Wired]

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