Grand Piano And Violin-Shaped House In China Is The Ultimate Place For Music Lovers (PHOTOS)

LOOK: This Is The Ultimate House For Music Lovers

We thought we've seen it all -- homes that look like pineapples, fish and even a picnic basket -- but we just stumbled upon one of the most bizarre, yet elegant dwellings yet -- a house shaped like a giant glittering grand piano and a violin.

Located in Huainan, China and built in 2007 by architectural students at Hefei University of Technology, this is truly, well, captivating. According to Architizer, you access the body of the building (the piano) via escalators inside the glass violin. Although it's currently being used as a showroom for city planners, we think it would be the perfect place for a pop star with an expendable income and a love for real estate. Are you interested, Taylor Swift?

piano house

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