8 Beautifully Animated Picasso Paintings Honor The Artist's 133rd Birthday

On a fine day like today, 133 years ago, a man named Pablo Picasso was born. The Spanish painter, sculptor, ceramicist and creative spirit revolutionized the history of art as we know it, introducing concepts from collage to Cubism.

In an effort to honor the life of the inimitable artistic force, we're taking a cue from Pablo himself when he said "For those who know how to read, I have painted my autobiography." And since he was always a fan of throwing art history for a loop, we could think of no better way to pay our respects than through a series of animated GIFs based off Picasso's iconic canvases.

Happy birthday, Picasso! The world is a brighter, more angular place thanks to you. Check out our animated GIFts below and leave Picasso a birthday message in the comments.

1. "Harlequin and his Companion"

2. "Guernica"

3. "Two Girls Reading"

4. "El Jersey Amarillo"

5. "Seated Woman"

6. "Standing Female Nude"

7. "Portrait of Suzanne Bloch"

8. Happy birthday Picasso!