Picasso Is The 'Most Stolen' Artist

In a recent list the Art Loss Register compiled, Picasso ranks as the current 'most stolen' artist. In total, 1,147 of his paintings have gone missing in recent years. Curiously, Nick Lawrence came in a distant second, with 557 of his environmental and text-based works in the hands of art thieves, while Andy Warhol is in seventh place, with 343 pieces stolen. No female artists made the top 10 list, however. Does this mean thieves don't care for the work of Georgia O'Keeffe, Yayoi Kusama, or Kara Walker?

Those with sticky fingers might want to head to the UK, since it was listed as the most vulnerable place for intrepid art capers, with 40 percent of all crimes happening there, and only 16 percent occurring in the US.

Top 5 stolen pieces:

1) Pablo Picasso - 1,147

2) Nick Lawrence - 557

3) Marc Chagall - 516

4) Karel Appel - 505

5) Salvador Dali - 505

What do you think, readers? Did this list surprise you?

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