Pick Up That Toothbrush To Lose Weight

Your dentist may have been trying to help you lose weight all along!

 Your dentist is always riding you and the kids about brushing your teeth after every meal right? Well, what if I told you that not only is this great for oral hygiene, but could help you lose those unwanted pounds you’ve been trying to do something about?  

“Brushing your teeth after every meal can aid in weight loss by making sweet deserts and snacks less appealing.”

Dr. James Beckerman

Dr. James Beckerman authors a weight loss column over at Lifescript.com and he suggests that brushing your teeth after every meal with a minty toothpaste can actually help you lose weight by making sweet desserts and snacks less appealing. Most people have had the god-awful experience of trying to drink a glass of OJ after brushing your teeth in the morning. If you haven’t just imagine biting down into an earwax and booger flavored jellybean. (Yeah, it’s that terrible) This is due to an ingredient present in the toothpaste (thank you sodium lauryl sulfate) which is used to create the sudsy sensation and help make your mouth feel clean. The unintended consequence of your minty freshness is that it turns off your tongues sweet receptors and powers the bitter receptors all the way up to 10, and voila! Willpower in a tube. Brush immediately after your meal which is when you’re going to most likely crave a sweet dessert or snack. By doing this you will train yourself in a couple of ways. 1) You will build a new routine, telling your body and brain that you are done eating and it’s safe to stop producing the peptide ghrelin which is what triggers the signal for hunger pangs, and 2) provides a physical barrier (OJ and Toothpaste, uggghhh) to eating that is nigh impossible to overcome, unless of course you have a thing for earwax and booger flavored snacks and desserts.  

Here are some routines I built for myself on the journey to losing almost 200lbs.

  • I always eat at a table.

    • When I left the table I was done and eventually I added brushing

    • Never sat at the table for more than 20 minutes

    • If I wasn’t sitting at a table, I wasn’t eating

  • I had a salad and a large glass of water before every meal. If after the meal I was still hungry, I had another large glass of water

  • I slowed down and chewed my food 20 times before swallowing

    • Aids in digestion and turns off the production of ghrelin.

Now go give your dentist a hug. #100smallsteps

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