<i>Picker Sisters</i>: A Horror Movie Waiting to Happen

Lifetime has a new series titledand it features Tracy Hutson and Tanya McQueen offame. These two very attractive interior decorators travel around the country looking for junk.
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Lifetime has a new series titled Picker Sisters and it features Tracy Hutson and Tanya McQueen of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition fame. These two very attractive interior decorators travel around the country looking for junk. They purchase different pieces here and there, and take them back to LA where they have a hunky contractor named Alan to help change the junk into object d'art.

Now this premise alone may not make you want to watch. It does help that the two women are beautiful and sexy, and the man at home is appealing. It is also cute as to how they sort of have him as a daddy figure who chastises them from time to time for spending too much money or picking up junk that is just junk. The relationship between the women and the man should become more defined as the series progresses. Maybe he and Tracy have something going on. Tanya appears to be married.

It is also bizarre how these two shorts-clad women find these really out of the way places. They drive up in their truck and meet "Ed" or "Clarence" or "Joe" who live on deserted properties with nobody else anywhere around. Haven't I seen about 14 horror movies with this same situation? In the first episode when one of these "friendly strangers" says "let's go on up to the house, I want to show you something" it is pure-tee creepy. If I hadn't known there was a 50 man camera crew there with them I would have been scared out of my mind. At the very least this show should come with a caption reading "Don't try this at home!"

Maybe this possibility of danger will give the show a twist. It certainly made the pilot episode "special" in a macabre sense. Here's hoping Tracy and Tanya get to collect their "junk" safely all season long.

To keep up with their adventures tune in each week to "Picker Sisters" on Lifetime. It starts its run Tuesday, August 2 at 10 PM.

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