Picking the Perfect Watch

Whether you're suited and booted or simply want to wear a nice watch, there is a lot more to consider other than simply what material to pick.
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Following on from my previous post on picking the perfect suit, I wanted to focus more on the different accessories available to you. Whether you're suited and booted or simply want to wear a nice watch, there is a lot more to consider other than simply what material to pick. Read on for my top tips on picking a watch.

Size Matters
If the watch is too small then you might spend most of your time squinting at your arm, while if it is too big or doesn't fit under the cuff then it will look almost clown like. The general guide is to get one with a diameter of 35mm to 42mm, as well as being less than 15mm thick. You should also consider the size of your wrist in relation to the size of your watch.

Research The Brand
While the name doesn't instantly mean quality, you are much more likely to have a product for the long term if you buy it from an established company. A Rolex is almost a certainty for quality while you could also opt for a Omega at a slightly cheaper price. Which ever watch you pick, make sure to read up some reviews on the specific watch. In fact, while researching the brand, you may also want to research the online company or shop you are considering purchasing from, to ensure they have plenty of happy customers and that they will handle any complaints or issues properly. Look into the companies warranty details before purchasing anything.

Water Resistance
You might be thinking you're not heading scuba diving any time soon so this might not be important, but you may find yourself regretting not picking one with water resistance applied. Whether doing the washing up and forgetting to take it off, to a heavy downpour of rain or even a splash of coffee, non water resistant watches can be quite fragile to the effect of water. Many will offer 100 metre deep water resistance, so check before you buy.

Consider Your Clothing
Do you spend most of your week in a suit? Or are you normally casual clothed and looking for something a bit more creative? Whatever your look, you will want something that complements the rest of your clothing. You could also look to buy a separate sports watch, as these tend to be cheaper, while many modern types are available, with fitness tracking.

Pick Your Colour
Leading on from what you wear, you will also need to consider the colour of watch you want. Many people are now opting for flamboyant designs, with explosive colours, but I would normally recommend going for something more traditional (sorry, I don't mean to sound boring). This will allow you to wear the watch with anything, without it contrasting or simply looking a bit daft.
The watch I wear at the moment has a black strap, as I often wear a black belt and shoes, therefore it matches up quite well.

How Does It Feel?
The first decent watch I ever got was absolutely beautiful, but the moment I put it on, I found it pinching my arm and pulling out all my arm hairs. As you can imagine, I gave up wearing it beyond the end of the week. Whether it is the size of the strap or the type of material, it is worth trying on some watches beforehand, just to work out what feels good on you and you think you could wear long term without irritation.

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