This Pickleball Set Is Perfect For Beginners And It's 25% Off Right Now

Save on the seven-piece set that has everything you need to get started playing summer's most popular game.
The Selkirk pickleball set comes with two paddles, four balls and a bag.
The Selkirk pickleball set comes with two paddles, four balls and a bag.

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If you’ve been noticing more tennis courts in your area being occupied with lively matches of pickleball, you wouldn’t be wrong given that it’s considered to be one of the fastest growing sports in the country. And if you’ve always wanted to join in on the fun, you can get your start with this beginner-friendly pickleball set that’s also 25% off right now at Amazon.

This USA Pickleball Association (USAP)-approved set made by Selkirk comes with four balls and carrying bag and two lightweight paddles featuring a honeycomb-design core which the brand claims “absorbs hits and softens the feel, resulting in consistent speed and accuracy.”

The paddle’s surface also uses a Selkirk-exclusive textured surface, which may help improve ball control and ensure spin consistency. According to one reviewer, this set was even recommended to them by a competitive player, while another said the set met the paddle suggestions given to them by their pickleball instructor.

Be ready to join in on your next match this season with this legit set that won’t cost professional-level prices before the sale ends.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“I had hit a couple of balls around and decided that I wanted to get a paddle for myself. Spent time in sporting goods stores looking at paddles and reading online reviews. As a beginner, I didn’t want to get gear that was too expensive or something that a beginner would outgrow. Nothing in the brick and mortar stores seemed to fit my requirement.
Had read about Selkirk in the online reviews, and when I saw the Selkirk set on Amazon of two paddles, balls, and carry bag for the price of one of the paddles at the sporting goods store, I made the buy. Very happy with the set, the paddles have a bit longer handles than many and the finish on the paddle face has some “bite”. The carry bag is very nice too, fits the paddles and balls and some room for other things too.
No remorse on the buy at all - get a set for yourself if you are looking for beginner gear.” — Amazon customer

Learning to play pickleball from my friend who is a competitive player. She suggested these rackets for me because she wanted me to have a quality racket that would last and include features of more advanced rackets without the high cost. These fit that goal. The graphite surface enables easier spins. It’s lightweight and prevents fatigue during longer play. And I really like the grip. It fits my hand well and is easy to hold even when my hand gets sweaty. The set of paddles comes with some starter outdoor balls. The balls are ok, not great. One cracked already but I plan on ordering quality balls (an indoor set and an outdoor set) soon.” — JoAnne Wagner

“My husband and I just started playing pickleball, and this set has been perfect for our needs! When we took an intro class, our instructor recommended paddles with a grippy rather than smooth surface. These paddles have a comfortable, thick grip and feel substantial without being heavy. They also have that grippy surface our instructor recommended, and they feel great on the court! Love the 4 included balls and the convenient carrying case. If you’re just starting out with pickleball and want one set to cover it all, I definitely recommend this one!” — Sunny

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