9 Pick-Up Lines That Never Should Have Worked (But Did)

When trying to make a move on someone you're into, we'd never recommend a cheesy pick-up line (No, not even ironic ones -- you hipster you).

But once in a while, by some fluke of nature, a bad pick-up line is actually successful, resulting in an improbable love connection. Need proof? On Thursday, Redditors shared their most embarrassing attempts at hitting on someone... that somehow worked. Use these at your own risk -- and don't say we didn't warn you.

1. "Walked up to a girl in a bar and said, 'Hi. I have a penis.' She couldn't believe I delivered the line with a straight face and stayed and chatted with me for a bit. We dated for a few months before going our separate ways. Good times!" -The_Outcast4

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2. "I had a friend who always used to quote how his other friend picked up his long-term girlfriend at the bar using the line 'I can't wait to disappoint you sexually.'" -Neonappa

3. "I drunkenly texted the complete lyrics of 'Baby Got Back' to a girl. It went OK... We got married." -fishsound

4. "At a bar. Saw a guy that was super cute. I couldn't get his attention since he was sitting at the bar facing away from me. From across the room, I threw my lighter as hard as I could and hit him directly and forcefully in the back of the head. As he was nursing his newly forming welt, I sauntered across the room toward him, with a big smile, and said, 'I think I dropped my lighter.' Nine years later and he still has a little bump on the back of his head." -Auntmarge

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5. "Gave my crush a stuffed animal duck in 8th grade and said 'I wanna duck you.'"-Rofl_Copter_Extreme

6. "My dad's pick-up line to my mum was, 'Nice legs... Shame about the face.'" -Fergatron

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7."I have no muscle and even less 'game.' However, I once convinced a lady to squeeze the bicep I drunkenly flexed in front of her. I smiled and slurred, 'It's big, isn't it?' Several years later, we were married. Currently, we have a healthy baby and a jealous cat." -twentysixtwo

8. "'Twas Halloween night and I was dressed as a cat and she was dressed as a cat. I said let's go make kittens. It worked."-thestagrabbit

9."I see you're drinking one percent. Is that 'cause you think you're fat? 'Cause you're not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted to." -King_Loner

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