Photos Of Love From HuffPost Religion Readers

What is love? HuffPost Religion asked our community to send in pictures of what love means to them. What we discovered is that love can mean everything from a sign outside a church that says, "All are welcome” to a cozy nap with an adorable pet. There's a mother being thankful for her daughter’s friends. There's a father with his newborn son. There are countless kisses and cuteness all around. Check out our love gallery below.

What does love mean to you? Get creative. Is it your spouse’s name popping up on your phone? Is it volunteering at your local homeless shelter? Your kid giggling? People joined in prayer? No matter what it is, the world needs to see it. Send in your photo!

Want to spread love? Here’s how:
1.) Take a picture of what love means to you
2.) Take it on twitter with the hashtag #thisislove or click the green “Add Photos” button at the bottom of this post.