How To Make A Pie Crust, The Simplest Way Possible

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Making the perfect pie crust is no easy feat, even for some of the most seasoned bakers ― but it’s also completely achievable. All you need is a basic understanding of a few simple rules and a boatload of confidence. And who better to share those rules than the expert bakers from Martha Stewart’s test kitchen?

One of the keys to making a flaky crust is not over-handling the dough. The more you fuss with it, the more you tighten up the gluten in the crust, which makes it shrink from the sides of your pan and seize up. That’s never good. But how do you know when it’s ready?

You watch the video above, in which Martha Stewart Living’s Sarah Carey demonstrates a simple technique for making pie crust by hand. Learn her rules, be confident and get baking some delicious Thanksgiving pies!

(Here’s another recipe that makes things even simpler by using the food processor.)

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