Pierce Brosnan Names 1 Actor He Thinks Would Be 'Magnificent' As James Bond

Brosnan's pick, an Oscar nominee, said he thinks he's "a bit old" to play the fictional spy.

Pierce Brosnan is down for Cillian Murphy to play 007 in the future.

The former James Bond star, who appeared in films such as 1995′s “GoldenEye” and 1997′s “Tomorrow Never Dies,” named the Oscar-nominated actor as he spoke with the BBC at a Thursday event in Los Angeles.

“Cillian would do a magnificent job as James Bond on His Majesty’s Secret Service,” Brosnan said of Murphy, a fellow Irishman.

Brosnan, who played the fictional spy prior to Daniel Craig, gave his pick for the character as observers continue to wonder who will take on the role following Craig’s exit in 2021.

Murphy has long been proposed as a possible successor, with Naomie Harris — who appeared in 2012′s “Skyfall,” 2015′s “Spectre” and 2021′s “No Time To Die” — declaring in 2018 that she could “totally see” him as Bond.

Murphy, who has previously said that 007 “should be a woman,” told Variety at Thursday’s event that he thinks he’s “a bit old” for the role.

“I will say I think that ship has sailed,” Murphy said.

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