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Pierre Cardin Is Grandpa-Adorable, Schools Us In Fashion (VIDEO, PHOTOS)


"There is no more fashion because there is too much fashion," Pierre Cardin told The Huffington Post on Tuesday night. "There is no longer a separation between one year and the next. We can't make fashion every six months, perhaps fashion manifests itself every ten years, but, in reality, people have to work and the stores have to sell."

The 88-year-old, renowned designer held court next to a stack of books, each entitled "Pierre Cardin: 60 Years Of Innovation." When asked if there was a particular moment that stood out from the chronicle of his work put together by Jean-Pascal Hesse, Cardin answered, "No. Each period shows my different emotions and talent, so I couldn't say what has pleased me the most. It might be the next project I do."

His most recent project -- aside from the book -- was a return to Paris's runways after a ten-year hiatus. He explained, "I've worked in fashion for sixty years and have a certain knowledge so that I don't have to prove myself each year. I've continued to create every year, even every day, but I don't show my work."

Cardin says that nothing has shocked him during his decades-long career. He remarked, "Each designer has his talent, his expression of his personality. I think that we are free in the world of fashion, but it's the clients who decide."

Check out a short video of Cardin speaking to the HuffPost (in French) and a selection of images from Hesse's tome.


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