Pierre Thomas Touchdown Celebration: Saints RB Puts Bow On Ball, Gives It To Fan (VIDEO)

If Drew Brees handed the football to Pierre Thomas and then the Saints' running back turned around and gave it to a fan after scoring a touchdown then does that count as re-gifting? While Thomas would not have been the only person to re-gift something on the day after Christmas, he was the only one penalized by the NFL for the act.

Late in the first quarter of New Orleans' win over Atlanta on Monday night, Thomas rushed for a 4-yard touchdown. Immediately after Thomas scored, he pulled out a gold bow, stuck it on the football and gave it to a woman sitting in the front row behind the end zone.

Of course, the generous, holiday-inspired act earned the Saints a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty, allowing the Falcons to start their next drive at their own 28-yard line.

Despite the good intentions behind the act, NBC's Bob Costas was probably fuming because Thomas cost his team 15 yards with his touchdown celebration. For his part, Thomas hoped at least the recipient of the ball enjoyed his move.

But luckily for Thomas and the Saints, the penalty could have cost them 30 yards - Drew Brees wasn't going to let them lose.