Piers Morgan's Wild Alex Jones Interview Is A Tire Fire That Doesn't End Well

“You don’t want freedom, Piers,” Jones screeched before the interview came to a sudden close.

Provocateur Piers Morgan and alt-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones faced off in an interruption-filled interview that came to a screeching halt after Morgan cut Jones short on Thursday (You can watch a clip of the interview below).

The interview descended into chaos after Morgan brought up the effect of Jones’ falsehoods about the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre.

“People can come to my show... and they can hear what I’m actually saying, Piers, versus what you’re trying to put in my mouth,” said Jones, whose lies led to court judgments that he pay more than $1 billion to Sandy Hook victims’ families.

“All I’m putting into your mouth are things that have come out of your mouth,” Morgan replied.

Morgan began to lecture to an audience of none as Jones tried to plug his show and shout over him with conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory.

“You don’t want freedom, Piers,” Jones screeched.

“Once again, losing the plot, so now I have to say goodbye,” said Morgan, who had invited Jones back on his show despite his similar, shout-filled behavior during an interview 10 years ago.

Jones used his Infowars site as a platform to spew lies about what happened at the Connecticut elementary school where 20 children and six adults were killed in 2012.

Jones ― who saw major spikes in traffic and increases to the site’s revenue ― claimed the shooting was a hoax and called a grieving parent a “crisis actor” as others received photos of dead children from harassers in the years following the shooting.

(H/T Mediaite)

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