Piers Morgan And Oprah Make A Bet About Michael Vick (VIDEO)

Oprah is Piers Morgan's first guest for his CNN show "Piers Morgan Tonight." The show debuts on Monday night. In one of the clips released by CNN before the episode airs, the two made a bet about who can get controversial footballer Michael Vick on their show first.

The bet came out of a question Morgan asked Oprah: "What advice would you give Michael Vick?"

Oprah demurred, saying she was holding off on any advice because she was trying to get Vick on her show. She added that she knew Morgan was trying to book Vick too.

"One of us is going to win," Morgan said. "You want to make a little wager?" He suggested that the first to book Vick would get 100 pounds. Oprah's reponse?

"Make it two."


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