Piers Morgan On Chris Lane Killing: I'm 'Incensed' (VIDEO)

Piers Morgan expressed his horror on Tuesday at the murder of Chris Lane by three Oklahoma teenagers.

Lane, an Australian student in the United States on a baseball scholarship, was jogging when three boys pulled up and shot him in the back. "Charges were filed today against three teenagers who police say -- just wait for this," Morgan reported on Tuesday. "Police say that they shot Christopher Lane for fun, because they were bored."

He continued, "Few stories have incensed me quite like this one. The randomness, the senselessness of this killing."

Morgan spoke to Captain Jay Evans of the Duncan, Oklahoma, Police Department about what he called a "disgusting" crime. Later, he interviewed Tim Fischer -- the former deputy prime minister of Australia who is calling for Australians to boycott the U.S. -- about gun control. The CNN host has been a vocal advocate of gun control since the Sandy Hook shooting in December.



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