Piers Morgan Disgusted With 'Emasculated' 007 Daniel Craig Carrying Baby Daughter

Twitter users went stork raving mad.

British news host Piers Morgan couldn’t stand that James Bond actor Daniel Craig was spotted in New York carrying his weeks-old daughter with wife Rachel Weisz in an “emasculating” front pack.

Twitter users wailed.

One tweet urged Morgan to return, for the good of society, back to “1888 where your thoughts on masculinity were formed.”

Morgan tried to explain in a later tweet that 007 should carry his baby in his arms, not in a wussy “papoose.” But anyone who has ever carried a baby during a stroll knows that’s just not practical.

So someone came up with a more macho alternative for Morgan.

Others straight-out skewered Morgan, while lots of dads posted sweet photos of themselves proudly carrying their own babies.