Piers Morgan Mocks Davis Guggenheim, Obama Movie Director, For Saying He Can't Find Anything Bad About President (VIDEO)

WATCH: Piers Morgan Mocks Director Of Obama Movie

Piers Morgan was agog on Thursday when filmmaker Davis Guggenheim told him that he could not find a single thing wrong with President Obama.

Guggenheim, who won an Oscar for "An Inconvenient Truth," has directed a 17-minute campaign film for Obama's re-election effort called "The Road We Traveled." The movie, narrated by Tom Hanks, is, unsurprisingly, an extended tribute to Obama. Morgan asked Guggenheim if there was any other side to "The Road We Traveled."

"Most documentary makers balance these movies with the negative as well as the positive," Morgan said. "What are the negatives in your movie about Barack Obama?"

"Well, I mean the negative for me was there were too many accomplishments," Guggenheim replied. "I had 17 minutes to put them all in there." Morgan scoffed at this idea.

"Oh, come off it!" he said. "You can't say that with a straight face. Come on. The only negativity about Barack Obama is there are too many positives?"

"That was the negative for me," Guggenheim said. "...There are negatives in terms of the opposition he had, in terms of the political climate in Washington."

"But where do you find fault in him, personally?" Morgan pressed. "I don't, frankly," Guggenheim responded.

Morgan then asked him how much the movie had cost, and who had paid him. Guggenheim said he had taken a pay cut to make it.

"I'm surprised you weren't paying him, by the sound of it, for the sheer honor and joy!" Morgan said.

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