Piers Morgan's 'Application' To Become Donald Trump's Chief Of Staff Goes Awry

"You'd break the Scaramucci in-out record, trust me."

British media personality Piers Morgan has laid out in meticulous detail why he thinks he’d be the perfect person to replace John Kelly as President Donald Trump’s new White House chief of staff.

Morgan ― who won “The Celebrity Apprentice” in 2008 and has previously said he considers Trump to be a “good friend” ― listed 10 reasons why he should be handed “the toughest job in world politics” in his Tuesday column for the Daily Mail newspaper.

“I don’t need the salary and in fact, I’d literally pay to work for you,” he wrote.

However, Morgan’s application letter provoked ire on social media.

Morgan is one of only 46 people that Trump follows Twitter, and has called out the president in the past without suffering the wrath of an early-morning Trump tweetstorm.

He was more than likely being tongue-in-cheek with the missive, in which he told Trump he needed someone like him to “look you in the eye and tell you when you’re being an idiot.”

But many people on Trump’s favorite social media platform didn’t think Morgan’s application was such a great idea.