Piers Morgan Is Having A Meltdown About His 'Hate' For 'Absurd' Gender Fluid Movement

"Human beings are male or female. Not whatever they fancy being," he said.

A heated, jaw-dropping interview prompted Piers Morgan to declare his “hate” for those who identify as gender fluid.

The controversial journalist and TV host’s meltdown began on July 10, when he interviewed Kori Doty, who identifies as non-binary transgender and prefers the pronouns “they” and “their,” on “Good Morning Britain.” Doty made headlines earlier this month when their child, Searyl, reportedly became the world’s first to not be assigned a gender at birth. The child, who is eight months old, has also been issued a health card with a “U” ― which is believed to stand for “undetermined” or “unassigned” ― rather than “male” or “female.” 

In the interview, which can be viewed above, Morgan asked Doty if they were “born male or female” while repeatedly pressing them on if they’d “had the operation to change sex, as we would define it.” 

Doty, who hails from Canada, clapped back, “If that’s the direction that the conversation is going to go, we can ask you ... if one of your testicles hangs lower, or how you feel about circumcision.” They then clarified, “What someone’s genitals look like when they are born does not actually give us accurate information about their gender.”

The interview continued to go south before it awkwardly concluded. But Morgan, 52, didn’t stop there. On Saturday, he recalled his conversation with Doty while blasting the gender fluid movement at large in a Daily Mail column.

“My number one pet hate at the moment is the absurd ‘gender fluid’ movement, driven by people who don’t wish to be defined as either male or female,” he wrote. He then misgendered Doty, referring to them as “he/she” and “his/her” in place of the preferred pronouns. 

“As we dived into the technical weeds of the debate, Mr/Mrs Doty declared: ‘What someone’s genitals look like when they are born does not actually give us information about their gender,’” he recalled, before adding sarcastically, “Of course not, why would any of us think otherwise?” 

On Monday, he doubled down on his stance on Twitter. 

When it comes to cringe-worthy statements about gender, Morgan is a repeat offender. In May, he slammed MTV for awarding Emma Watson its first gender-neutral Best Actor award. 

“Women will now win a lot less awards because they’ve made them gender neutral,” he said. “We can’t be ‘men’ anymore, we have to be called persons and everything becomes gender neutral.”

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