Piers Morgan To John Lott, Gun Advocate: 'What An Absolute Lie!' (VIDEO)

Piers Morgan had another heated confrontation with gun advocate John Lott on his show Thursday night.

Morgan has become an outspoken advocate of gun control since the Sandy Hook shooting in December, and battled several pro-gun activists on air. On Thursday night, Lott claimed that there has been no evidence that bans reduce violent crime — an argument which Morgan immediately spurned.

Morgan rattled off statistics about gun crimes and mass shootings before and after countries imposed gun bans. He asked Lott exactly how many mass shootings there have been in Australia since the gun ban. When Lott attempted to address other points, Morgan continued to press him on the question and spoke over him. Lott grew frustrated by the interruptions, exclaiming, "Let me respond!"

"You've spoken 80 percent of the time since the break!" Lott said after more heated cross-talk.

"I'm going to keep talking, so I suggest you keep quiet," Morgan responded.

The two then sparred over the number of shootings in schools in Britain, with Lott telling Morgan, "I don't see the point of having anyone on if you're gonna talk ninety percent of the time."

"You want to go and talk 90 percent of the time," he said. "Sir, you haven't let me make a sentence. I have let you make many sentences here, you've talked most of the time."

When Lott finally made his argument, Morgan accused him of twisting statistics to “suit your agenda.” Lott claimed that the murder in England is a third of the rate in the U.S., which prompted Morgan to say, "Don't be ridiculous! What an absolute lie!"



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