Piers Morgan Reportedly Still Upset About That Kate Moss Kick

Remember that time when Kate Moss kicked Piers Morgan repeatedly?

Maybe you had forgotten, but it seems the CNN host is still sore about the whole thing. In 2010 Morgan recalled to the Daily Mail a conversation in which Moss called him an "asshole"; after Morgan apologized to Moss for, well, being an "asshole," Morgan "felt a Louboutin-pointed foot lash out under the table and collide with the table leg."

After two years, you'd think these two famous Brits would have settled the score and stopped abusing one another, both physically and verbally. But there are some more juicy anecdotes surfacing, as Piers supposedly told the UK's Mirror today:

“Kate Moss is utterly horrific,” he adds. “If people actually knew what she was like they would never, ever be interested in her again.

“She’s just a real, spoilt little madam from Croydon. There’s nothing wrong with Croydon – I was brought up near Croydon. But she’s just a vile little creature.”

According to the new interview with Mirror, Kate kicked Piers on several different occasions, prompting Piers to ask her, "Kate, why are you kicking me?" Her reply? "Because I want to."

The whole thing is more than a little bizarre. Luckily the only physical violence Kate's been associated with lately is her giant Mango billboard falling and injuring four Londoners last week. None of whom were Piers Morgan.