Piers Morgan Just Pissed Off A Lot Of Parents With Paternity Leave Comments

Piers Morgan caused quite a stir on Thursday after making some bold claims about parental leave.

During his appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," the British television host said, "Most dads don't want to do paid paternity leave." He added, "They pretend they do, but after two weeks of a tiny little baby ... all they're doing is eating, guzzling and depositing, it isn't the most exciting gig in town." Morgan's statement caused co-host Mika Brzezinski to leave the set.

Post-show, Morgan continued discussing the topic on Twitter. "I don't think @morningmika liked me saying most men don't actually want extended paternity leave. But it's true... we don't," he tweeted.

He continued: "I suspect all these Paternity-leave-loving Dads have not actually become a Dad yet. Come back to me when you have," he wrote, adding, "Most mothers I know can't wait to see their men back to work. We get in the way and are invariably utterly useless in the baby department.

Morgan's tweets, particularly the comment about fathers being "invariably utterly useless in the baby department," angered many dads. Author Josh Levs wrote, "Ugh just stop, @piersmorgan. U r furthering false stereotypes that damage society."

Dad blogger John Kinnear added, "Hey Piers, 1955 called. It wants its opinion back." Another dad blogger added, "Every mother I know says the opposite. Perhaps it isn't men that are the problem; perhaps it's just you."

Here's to ending harmful stereotypes and embracing modern fatherhood.

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