Piers Morgan Gets Owned By Black Activist For Dissing Meghan Markle Racism Claims

Shola Mos-Shogbamimu called the British talk show host "disgusting" after a tense exchange in which she noted the crown's legacy of white supremacy.

Piers Morgan got schooled by Black activist Shola Mos-Shogbamimu after the British talk show host dismissed Meghan Markle’s claim of racist treatment by the royal family. (Watch the videos below.)

Mos-Shogbamimu, an author and attorney, called the bloviating “Good Morning Britain” personality “disgusting!” Monday in a tense exchange in which she got the better of him.

The Duchess of Sussex told Oprah Winfrey in a bombshell interview Sunday that the monarchy had “concerns and conversations” during her pregnancy with son Archie about the baby’s skin color. It was suggested to her husband Prince Harry that Archie’s being “too brown” could be a problem, she said. The family denied Archie the title of prince ― granted to Prince William and Duchess Kate’s boys George and Louis ― and refused to grant the child a high level of security, the couple said.

Morgan accused the couple of trashing the queen and of unacceptably implying that “everybody in the royal family is a white supremacist.” He called it “contemptible” and said it was the “most incendiary charge I’ve seen in my career.”

But the “Good Morning Britain” host, known for talking down guests who dispute him, was passionately scolded by Mos-Shagbamimu, a women’s rights advocate who wrote “This Is Why I Resist.”

She called out Queen Elizabeth for not using her power to protect her grandson Harry and his family from racist media reports.

As Morgan interrupted her, she got back: “Listen, you might learn something. The royal family is an institution rooted in colonialism, white supremacy and racism. The legacy is right there. So you’re now surprised that a comment would have been made by several members of the royal family about how dark Archie’s skin is.” Morgan again tried to interject.

“Let me finish,” Mos-Shagbamimu said. “You’re more outraged that Harry and Meghan had the audacity to speak their truth than ... at the actual outrage of racism.”

She told Morgan he could then respond. “I think what you just said about the queen is disgusting,” he said.

“You are disgusting!” Mos-Shagbamimu shot back.

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