Piers Morgan's Totally Ridiculous Tweet To Black Lives Matter Activist

This is whitesplaining at its finest.

Piers Morgan has yet again made insensitive statements about race on social media, causing outrage among many black users on Twitter.

Morgan sparked controversy on Thursday when he retweeted Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson.

Some Twitter users were quick to school Morgan on his white privilege and how the comment was both offensive and a jab at the intention behind Mckesson's original tweet. 

Morgan defended himself, telling black Twitter to "relax."

McKesson later addressed the problem with Morgan's celebration of whiteness as a dismissal of the inequality that people of color experience. 

Morgan still stands by his actions, and issued a direct tweet on Friday.

Earlier this year, Morgan was accused of delegitimizing the Black Lives Matter movement after he tweeted "all lives matter" to then-HuffPost Live Host, Marc Lamont Hill.

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