Runaway Pig Squeals The Spotlight From Journalist On Live TV

A large sow took a strong and devoted liking to a reporter on Greek TV station ANT1 during a live broadcast. His colleagues were not helpful.

There was pig news coming out of Greek morning TV on Tuesday.

A large speckled sow took a liking to ANT1 journalist Lazos Mantikos, pestering him throughout a live broadcast as he attempted to report on the devastation to the beach town of Kineta, which was lashed by torrential rains on Monday.

The key word there is attempted. The lovestruck pig persistently chased a grunting and yelping Mantikos as he ran in circles trying to deliver his report.

As the viewers of “Good Morning Greece” watched, anchor Giorgos Papadakis announced that they were going to Mantikos for an update on the serious situation on the ground.

“Good morning, we have an issue,” a breathless Mantikos said as they cut to his shot. “Giorgos, can you hear me? We have a pig here that has been chasing us since the morning.... Sorry guys, I can’t stand because it’s biting me.”

The presenters in the studio, unable to contain their laughter (Papadakis at one point was doubled over), told Mantikos they’d give him some time to get his affairs in order. “Try to repair your relationship. I’ll leave you to repair,” Papadakis said, moments before the feisty sow chased the reporter out of camera range. 

Mantikos clearly wasn’t too disgruntled by his ordeal. He had a laugh, sharing a number of reports about his hog-wild story on Twitter.