Potbellied Pig Running Loose Lured Home With Pack Of Oreos

Charlotte the pig clearly has her priorities in line.
Charlotte, an icon and a big fan of Oreos.
Charlotte, an icon and a big fan of Oreos.
Middletown Division of Police

A cookie-loving potbellied pig is back at home after her brief escape was thwarted with a pack of “Most Stuf” Oreos.

Ohio’s Middletown Division of Police posted on Facebook about the pig caught hoofing it down the street Friday.

And though law enforcement initially identified the pig as a “he,” the animal’s owner Yvette Hoffman revealed in comments on the post that her pet is actually a female, named Charlotte, who she noted was “excited to meet” her new fans.

Dispatchers had received calls about a pig on the lam around 12:30 p.m. Friday, the Journal-News reported. Hoffman said on Facebook that a passerby had apparently let Charlotte out of the yard. She told local news station WLWT that the sociable pig was likely looking for friends.

Cops made a barrier with police cars to prevent Charlotte from getting very far. And while some news stories have credited police with deploying Oreos to lure the pig back to her residence, it was actually Hoffman who showed up at the scene with an offer the pig couldn’t refuse.

“The owner fed her some Oreos and then put a leash on her and took her home,” a police spokesperson told HuffPost in a Facebook message.

Hoffman also told WLWT that she specifically used “Most Stuf” Oreos (Charlotte’s favorite) and that the pig ate almost the entire pack.

In Facebook comments on the police department’s post, Hoffman also shared some details about Charlotte’s life, noting that the pig lives inside but goes out to “do her business, eat a little grass and dig a few holes here and there.” She also said she wanted to remind everyone that “pets are for life.”

In October, another runaway snack-happy pig made headlines after police officers in California lured a him home with a trail of Doritos.

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