Pig And Whisky Trucks Collide In China, Send Both Flying Across Highway (PHOTO)

As one might imagine, it's not a pretty scene when a truck carrying hundreds of bottles of whiskey collides with a lorry full of live pigs.

pig whiskey crash

That's exactly what unfolded on a highway in Nanyang, Henan province in central China. The lorry overturned in heavy rain, spilling nearly 200 pigs spilled onto the street. The road was only cleared of bottles and pigs five hours after the crash.

But the story may have a happy ending for pigs who were likely headed to slaughter, according to Austrian Times:

"There were crops planted along the roadside and many of the pigs made straight for them and simply disappeared," said a police spokesman.

A quick internet search of the region turned up several horrifying crashes, which makes us think it may not be the safest place to drive.

The incident recalls another food-related accident in recent days. Earlier this month, a driver in Beijing lost 770 pounds of eggs when they fell from his wagon.



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