Pigeon Invades NYC Apartment, Makes Nest For Eggs In Pasta Strainer

"She is a pretty nice roommate and doesn't get on my nerves."

Like many New Yorkers, this bird knows a good real estate opportunity when she sees one.

A pigeon moved into Genevieve Roman’s Brooklyn apartment through a window opening while she was out of town, CBS New York reports.

When Roman returned Tuesday after a few months, the pigeon had made herself at home. She built a nest in a spaghetti strainer where her eggs are waiting to hatch. She flies away on occasion but always returns to sit on her eggs, the station noted.


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Roman has given her surprise roommate a name, Adelaide, and plans to let her stay at least until the eggs hatch, the station said. She wasn’t about to put an expectant mom on the street.

Roman told the New York Post she had reached out to animal welfare organizations but wasn’t offered any help.

It could be worse. While Adelaide can’t pay rent, “She is a pretty nice roommate and doesn’t get on my nerves such as every other roommate I’ve had,” Roman, a 33-year-old immigration lawyer, said to the tabloid.

Adelaide now has an Instagram page, thanks to her human roomie.

Last one today I swear but just wanted to show you guys my pride and joy #proudmom #clutchofeggs

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CBS cited animal experts saying that pigeons pose “minimal health risks to humans.” However, the Post interviewed a pest management worker who said that even the tidiest pigeon could carry fleas and parasites, not to mention that its turds can contain fungus.

But for now, Adelaide has a roof over her head and an understanding person willing to share her space.

I know it’s crazy,” Roman told Williamsburg Patch. “But she’s been very low-impact so far. She doesn’t wander around my apartment pooping — there’s no bird poop anywhere. She just sits on the eggs.”



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