These Pigs Run The Hurdles Way Better Than You Do

They should be in the Oink-lympics.

With the track and field world championships set to begin in Beijing this weekend, we thought we'd show you some elite athletes of the barnyard variety.

These pigs competed in the hurdles at the Orange County Fair in California earlier this month, according to Storyful. Eat your heart out, Edwin Moses.

Organizers went hog wild on the hype: "Eight little pigs, with all the bravado of NASCAR, will squeal around the track and leap over hurdles as they race for the blue ribbon. Come see how they run!" reads the fair's website.

Of course, not all the porcine competitors navigated the barriers gracefully, as this GIF from Richard Yates' YouTube video (see below) clearly demonstrates.

Pig Racing at the Orange County Fair

You're still winners, little piggies!

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