This Giant Pikachu Statue Is The 'Pokemonument' We Need

All hail Pokemon.

An anonymous artist has, perhaps illegally, taken the Pokemon Go craze to a whole new level. 

A large Pikachu statue popped up overnight in New Orleans’ Coliseum Square Park on Sunday. Reddit user “Salamanagement” posted a picture of the statue later that day, and fans began visiting the figure

The “Pokemonument,” nicknamed after the inscription on the back of the statue, is made of fiberglass, but painted to look bronze. The statue seems like it was made with careful planning — the base fits perfectly in the spot where a fountain used to sit.

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The Google Street View of the location pre-Pikachu, according to Reddit user "SpenceMan01"

City officials have yet to make a statement on whether the statue will remain in the park. Nearby residents said they’re not against the idea of letting Pikachu stay. 

It’s a defunct fountain,” Karen Reese, a member of the park’s neighborhood association, told online news site Uptown Messenger. “It’s actually on our list of fountains to get running again. So as long as it’s sitting here without any water flowing, it’s okay with me.” 

Below, check out the giant Pikachu in its faux-bronzed glory:



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