Finally, A Basic Guide To All Those Decorative Pillows

Finally, Decorative Pillows Explain Themselves

When your bedroom needs a wake-up, there's no better (or better-priced) place to turn than some dazzling pillows. For the ultra-luxe experience, hotel experts recommend arranging at least three on your bed. A bright pop of pillow color can also act as the centerpiece for a stylish bedroom.

Too bad pillow names and sizes are so darn confusing. Do you know the difference between a neck roll and a bolster, for instance? (Yes, there is a difference.) Others, like Euro shams, are easier to remember since they're always the same size. Here's the breakdown on every type of pillow your bed could desire, plus some inspiration on how to put them to work.

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A big bolster with monogrammed shams is the perfect balance of fun and elegance.

Stick to one strict color palate to draw a room together.

Two patterned Euro shams are all it takes to make a bright statement.

...but it never hurts to mix and match prints.

And for a doable everyday look, choose feather-filled Euro shams that double as sleeping pillows!

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