'Pillowfight': Dan The Automator & Emily Wells Link Up With Some Talented Friends For New Project (EXCLUSIVE)

Dan the Automator has made his way through a number of blog-friendly outfits (Deltron 3030, Handsome Boy Modeling School) and handled production for the Gorillaz, which is to say that our ears perked up when we heard about his new project. Pillowfight, a collaboration with hip-hop violinist Emily Wells, came about when Kid Koala (who's also in the new group) and Emily were paired up at "an artist workshop at a Canadian music festival."

The result of their newfound friendships? A debut, self-titled album that's being released on Jan. 22 (on CD and for digital download, with vinyl to follow on Feb. 26). Add in Lateef the Truthspeaker on backup vocals, and you've got something of a sleeper supergroup. You're probably not going to hear Dan, Emily, 'teef and Koala battling out Flo-Rida on the radio, but that's for the best. Listen above and share the project with your friends. Thank us later for your newfound cool.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Used to Think
2. In The Afternoon
3. Rain
4. You're So Pretty
5. Get Your Shit Together
6. Redemption
7. Get Down
8. Darlin' Darlin'
9. You Don't Need Me
10. I Work Hard
11. Lonely City
12. Sleeping Dogs

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