Pilot Pete’s Past Returns On The ‘Bachelor Season Premiere

The hosts of “Here To Make Friends” are so ready to go on this journey with all of you. Emma Gray and Leigh Blickley (filling in for Claire Fallon this season) recap the best and worst moments from the season premiere of “The Bachelor,” including the most dramatic guest star appearance in Bachelor history, the most egregious entrance faux-pas, and the most likely to get their own spin-off show. Plus, they’ve already got early predictions to win the final rose. Priority access matters on Weber Airlines. Kelley and Peter’s pre-season meet-cute earns her a leg up in the competition and zero friends in the mansion. But the women may have an older, beastlier flame to worry about. Hannah Brown friendly’s return quickly becomes a relationship post-mortem, and neither side seems ready to let go. Find full episodes of “Here To Make Friends” on Apple, Google, Spotify and Acast. #BachelorInParadise #TheBachelor
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