Pilot Whales Stranded Off Florida Coast A Mystery (VIDEO)

WATCH: Mass Whale Stranding Off Florida Coast A Mystery

CUDJOE KEY, Fla. — Marine mammal rescuers are responding to a mass stranding of pilot whales off the lower Florida Keys. (Scroll down for video.)

Marine Mammal Conservancy chairman Art Cooper said Thursday evening that at least 15 pilot whales are in three separate areas in shallow Gulf of Mexico waters near Cudjoe Key. One is believed to be a calf.

The U.S. Coast Guard, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and MMC also are helping.

Cooper says responders are trying to gather the whales and move them to one location. He says it's not known why the whales stranded, adding that there are no visible injuries to the marine mammals.

Cooper says he had requested additional personnel support and resources from other organizations.

Online: Marine Mammal Conservancy, http://www.marinemammalconservancy.org


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