What's Up With All Of The Pineapples?

All aboard the Pineapple Express 🍍🍍
We were too busy asking ourselves if we&nbsp;<i>could</i> put pineapples on everything, we didn't&nbsp;stop to ask ourselves if we&nbsp;<i>should</i>.&nbsp;
We were too busy asking ourselves if we could put pineapples on everything, we didn't stop to ask ourselves if we should

We need to talk about the mistreatment of pineapples in 2017.

The sweet and humble pineapple, once notable simply for its ability to glaze a ham, decorate an upside-down cake or flavor an artificially-colored poolside cocktail, has since been aggressively exploited and in the form of cutesy salt and pepper shakers, metallic tumblers and vibrant beach towels.

Yet, the use of pineapples as decor has modest roots. Because of its scarcity and rarity in Colonial times, the pineapple quickly became a symbol of status, wealth and hospitality, where it was frequently used as centerpieces.

Fast forward to 2017. In addition to becoming “a postmodern masterpiece,” the pineapple has most recently turned into a mere vessel for various cuts of pork in a dish aptly called The Swineapple. It never ends.

Although this juicy craze is nothing new, there is perhaps something to be said about a trend that’s been around for, literally, centuries. If you’re still on the pineapple express, check out some of the most unique pineapple-themed purchases below.

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