P!nk Tells Hilarious Story About The Time Her Toddler Dropped The F-Bomb

The Time P!nk's Toddler Dropped The F-Bomb

When it comes to motherhood, Grammy-winning singer P!nk has expressed her support for breastfeeding and attachment parenting. But one thing she does not support is her daughter's potty mouth.

During her appearance on "The Ellen Show" this week, the singer told a funny story about her 3-year-old daughter Willow. "She's totally nuts," P!nk said, noting that the little girl gets her "wild side" from her dad Carey Hart.

One time when P!nk was preparing to go onstage for a performance, Willow ran up to her and declared, "I'm f**king here!"

"I was like, 'I'm sorry, I can't. My ears don't understand what you're saying,'" P!nk said. The singer explained that she does not approve of her daughter's vulgar vocabulary, but definitely saw the hilarity in the situation. "It's so cute! I mean, I'm not encouraging it but -- come on, it's like a little 3-year-old body and then…"

P!nk can take comfort in knowing that Willow's definitely not the first toddler to drop the F-bomb.

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