Pink Describes Coronavirus As 'Scariest Thing I've Ever, Ever Been Through'

Appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the singer was frank about the relatively easy access she and other stars have had to COVID-19 testing.

Pink is on the mend after contracting COVID-19 last month, but the pop superstar isn’t likely to move past her experience with the coronavirus on an emotional level for quite some time.

Appearing on Thursday’s edition of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” via video chat, Pink said the illness struck her family in mid-March, just as schools and nonessential businesses were closing across the country. Her 3-year-old son, Jameson, was the first to exhibit symptoms.

“He started with a fever March 14,” she recalled. “It just sort of was just all over the place. Every day it was some new symptom.”

Pink herself began to fall ill a few days later, although she “never had what they tell you to look for” at first ― and didn’t run a fever.

The singer knew something was wrong, however, when she began experiencing the respiratory issues associated with the illness. She has had asthma her entire life but hadn’t felt the need to use a nebulizer — which turns asthma medicine into a fine mist that patients can inhale ― for about 30 years.

“There’s no rhyme or reason to this,” she said of the virus. “This is the scariest thing I’ve ever, ever been through in my whole life.”

She was also surprisingly frank with regard to the easier-than-usual access she and other celebrities have had to coronavirus testing.

“You should be angry that I can get a test and you can’t,” she said. “But being angry at me isn’t going to help anything ... and we should work together to try and change that.”

Pink first announced her diagnosis in an Instagram post last week. At the time, she also revealed that she’d donated $1 million to support medical professionals in Philadelphia and Los Angeles who are battling the outbreak.

DeGeneres, meanwhile, began hosting a scaled-back version of her show from home this week. Tuesday’s episode was the first since production on the series was halted March 13 because of coronavirus concerns.

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