Pink Giggles Her Way Through Meet And Greet With Mega-Crush, Johnny Depp

As if we wouldn't do the same thing.
Too cute! 
Too cute! 


Pink's husband, Carey Hart, better watch out because the singer has an eye on another man -- and that man is none other than Johnny Depp

The "Just Like Fire" singer visited Jimmy Kimmel on Monday and dished on her one encounter with Depp, who also happened to be on Kimmel's show that night (can you see where this is going?) 

"I didn't want to meet him, my husband made me meet him which was so dumb," the singer said, shaking her head while recalling her first, awkward meet-up with Depp. "I was hiding behind records in a record store and I was like 'Don't do this. I don't wanna meet him.' He made me do it."  

Pink told Depp that she wrote the song for his upcoming movie, "Alice Through the Looking Glass," but Depp was confused and she felt pretty embarrassed. Luckily, she got a second chance as Kimmel brought the one and only Johnny Depp out onstage to surprise the crap out of Pink.

"This is awful," said Pink, going between total silence and hysterical giggles. "I hate you, I hate you."  

Watch it all unfold below: