'Pink Moon,' Film Starring Brandon Tyler Harris, Streaming Free Online

Imagine A World Where Heterosexuals Are The Ones Being Persecuted

An intriguing film that we began covering last year is now available online -- and completely for free.

From writer and director Sal Bardo comes "Pink Moon," a short film following two straight teenagers dealing with an unwanted pregnancy in a world where heterosexuals are under attack and the right to procreate is tightly controlled. The film stars Brandon Tyler Harris, a straight ally who has appeared in "The Big C," "Smash" and "Law & Order: SVU."

"There's an all-out assault on reproductive rights in this country, and the same thing is happening with LGBT rights," Barado told Interview magazine. "Both of those issues are about personal freedom, and they're fundamentally connected." A feature-length version of the film, as well as a music video for "Great Escape," an original song from the film featuring Cat Martino of synth-pop duo Stranger Cat, are both currently in the works."

Check out the film for yourself above.

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