Pink Pipes Are Blocking Berlin Apartments -- And They're Totally Wild

Only in Berlin can you wake up, walk to your window, draw the curtains and be greeted by none other than some hot pink historic piping...

Designed to prevent the city from becoming submerged by high groundwater levels, the pipes, which were painted pink as the result of a color preference study, have twisted through the city's parks, skies and buildings for decades and continue to spark conversation today.

“When I first visited the city 20 years ago and came across them, I was fascinated and irritated at once -- and those pipes stuck to my mind as a characteristic thing of the city," Instagrammer Michael Schulz (@berlinstagram) told the Instagram blog.

Cty staple or not, one thing's for sure -- they do at least offer the homes in the area a "characteristic" pop of color.

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