Pink Opens Up About Her Sexuality: 'I Never Say Never'

"I don’t need you to put me in a box," the pop star says.

You can’t take Pink home ... and you also can’t make her put a label on her sexuality.

That’s what the pop star, who is currently promoting her new album, “Beautiful Trauma,” told The Guardian in a recent interview.

The singer, who married motorcycle racer Carey Hart in 2006, has faced rumors about her sexual identity since she first hit the charts nearly two decades ago. But she’s never let external pressure force her to be anyone other than exactly who she is.

“I think people like Miley [Cyrus]… I feel like people are just less inclined to be labelled now, which I really like,” she said, referencing Cyrus coming out as pansexual and gender neutral in recent years. “That’s where I was always coming from. Just, leave it alone. I just wanna live my life. I don’t need you to put me in a box or to figure me out or to figure out what I am. Cos I don’t know yet... And I never say never...”

In 2012 Pink told The Advocate that she was “an honorary lesbian of Los Angeles” when she first moved to the city. “I wasn’t gay, but all my girlfriends were,” she added. As comfortable as she was with her honorary title at the time, she told the magazine that she pushed back against a tabloid report that she was bisexual because “that wasn’t my truth, and I like truth. I like absolute truth.”

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