'Good Luck!' Pink Stops Concert As Fan Goes Into Labor

The singer was flummoxed when crew members made confusing hand motions for her to stop, but she later celebrated the moment on Instagram.

Pink has done it again — and sent a pregnant fan into labor in the middle of her show.

The “Fuckin’ Perfect” singer had just kicked off the Australian leg of her Summer Carnival tour Friday when crew members off-stage oddly began motioning for her to stop. Pink eventually decoded their confusing signals, however, and happily halted the concert.

“Oh, my God. Why did that take me so long!” Pink told the Sydney crowd while mimicking her crew, as seen in viral TikTok footage. “See, you don’t want me as a trivia partner! I told you, I think I prefer charades. They’re like ... ” she said as she pantomimed a pregnant belly.

“Is it Alicia or Alex being born? I feel like we shouldn’t be looking,” she added. “Everyone give her her privacy! She didn’t just have the baby, right? Is the baby here? No, OK. Congratulations! Wow, ‘Our Song,’ huh? That was the one that did it.”

Pink was indeed in the middle of performing that particular song when her fan went into labor, and she cheekily remarked that she would’ve expected “Get the Party Started” or “Never Gonna Not Dance Again” to launch those contractions.

“That’s exciting, I don’t even know what to say — we have to sing,” she said in the footage, before waving to the woman. “Good luck! You’re gonna do great!”

This was the second time in a year that Pink has halted a show for an attending pregnant fan.
This was the second time in a year that Pink has halted a show for an attending pregnant fan.
Rob Grabowski/Invision via Associated Press

Pink later celebrated the moment on Instagram and announced that she and her fans “helped bring a baby into the world.” It wasn’t the first time, however. A similar situation unfolded in Boston last August, when Pink fan Angela Mercer started having contractions.

“Pink’s newest, and youngest, fan was named Aycen Hart,” the hospital wrote on Facebook at the time. “Baby Aycen was born right on his grandma Barbara’s birthday, and while the family didn’t get to enjoy the concert, they say they received the greatest gift of all.”

Pink has endured a barrage of actively rude concertgoers and bizarre moments on stage in the last 12 months, making it pretty safe to say that pregnant fans are a good counterpoint.

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